Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Department of Neurosurgery, Duke University

Duke AI Health and Dept. of Neurosurgery Division of Global Neurosurgery and Neurology

I earned a PhD in Neurobiology working on functional brain imaging and behavior in zebrafish. Now I focus on building new tools for basic and translational neuroscience.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.


3D Behavior Tracking

Measuring neural activity has outpaced our ability to measure the brain's principal output. We are developing new tools for tracking human and animal movement in 3D.

Whole-brain calcium imaging

Recent advances have enabled fast, whole-brain recordings of neural activity at cellular resolution. We used this tool to isolate a statistical generator of spontaneous behavioral patterns.

Neural Networks

To control behavior, neurons collaborate in circuits that span the entire brain. We synthesized behavioral analysis, whole-brain calcium imaging, and theory to build realistic circuit models that explain the zebrafish optomotor response.

Traumatic Brain Injury Prognosis and Global Health

We are building predictive models for TBI prognosis at Duke and in LMICs (focus on Uganda), with the goal to provide advanced in-hospital decision support to improve injury outcomes.